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Best Free or Premium Features

KINKYSAFE offers you a free experience with very little advertising and more features than any of its competitors. If you don't want to pay, you won't have to endure permanent intrusive advertising and restrictions that make the app unusable. In free mode you can view profiles without restrictions, send unlimited messages and a generous basic of functions. And if you want to pay, our Premium service offers you more than 20 additional comfort functions that make KINKYSAFE one of the most complete apps on the market.

An app with a specific theme and without censorship

KINKYSAFE is a new app where you will only find users who are looking to have sex with a condom, the same as you. In Spain, we are the reference application for men who want to fuck with a condom. Feel free to use it. We do not censor sensitive content on our site. Therefore, you are free to show your body as much as you want, without limits. The app includes an initial blocking of sensitive content that meets the requirements set by Apple and Google. The block can be removed very easily, from our website. So you can enjoy, if you wish, an uncensored experience, both from the website and from the app.

Access from your mobile with the OMOLINK app

To access KINKYSAFE, download the OMOLINK app from the Apple Appstore on your iPhone or Google Play from your Android mobile. OMOLINK is a multi-service app that will allow you to access various gay dating services with each one a different theme. OMOLINK allows you to access,,,,, and

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