A user uses a picture of me on his profile. how can i report it?

Photo thefts are very common problems that we know how to treat. The first thing is to keep calm, and follow the steps that we indicate. Please note that if you become nervous or aggressive towards our staff or send threatening messages, we will stop helping you.

There is no use reporting the problem to a friend of yours or to your partner. The one who has to contact us must be the affected person.

1 => What profile are you reporting

If you have a profile in the app, open the user's profile, use the "report abuse" function, using the reason "identity theft". Be careful, miscategorized reports will not be addressed.

If you do not have a profile in the app, you can contact us from the help/contact menu on the home page of the website, indicating the number of the profile you are reporting.

After making the report, one of our agents will contact you by email to assist you within approximately 2 days to request the information below.

2 => What photo do you report

Indicate clearly the photo or photos that you are indicating as yours, or describing them clearly, or with a screen copy, or sending us the same photo.

3 => Sign in

In order to avoid false reports, we cannot handle completely anonymous reports, so we need you to identify yourself.

To identify yourself, provide the following: write on a piece of paper in large letters, "KinkySafe" followed by today's date, and take a selfie holding this piece of paper. It is very important that you see your arm holding the paper well.

This selfie is essential even if the photos you report do not contain your face.

4 => Proofs that the photos are yours

In order to verify that the photos are yours we need some kind of proof. There are many ways to show that the photographic material is yours.

If the stolen photo shows your face, the selfie you took in point 3 is enough.

If the photo is not of your face, the process is a bit more complicated, since you will have to find a way to prove to us that the photo in question is your property, and link it to your person.

Each photo is different, so we don't pretend that all the possibilities are listed here, but here are some hints on how you can proceed to prove that it is your photo :
- Sending us the original photo you took with your camera or mobile is a good first step and may be enough. Attention, the photo has to be original. If you touch it up, compress it, or reduce its size when sending it, it will lose its metadata and it will no longer be valid.
- If the photo was cropped, you can send us the uncropped photo, where your face can be seen.
- You can send us a photo of the same series taken on the same day, where your face can be seen.
- You can send us a photo taken in the same room or with common elements of the photo, which leave no room for doubt.
- If you have characteristic elements or body features, such as tattoos, scars, moles, these can help you link the photo with your person more easily.

We review all cases, giving priority to well-documented cases.