Rules for professionals profiles

If you are a professional, you are very welcome here. But be careful, it is essential to follow the following rules:

- Using a personal profile as a professional is prohibited. You must activate the professional mode from the "professional profile" menu in the "my account" tab.
- Professional profiles must contract a Premium membership. The free profile is only for individuals. Professional profiles that do not contract Premium membership may be eliminated and blocked.
- It is prohibited to advertise products or services regulated or prohibited by law.
- Professional profiles must indicate in their profiles what they promote or sell. It is prohibited to promote or sell services or products secretly in private messages.
- Do not request other users. You can respond to users who enter you, but not enter other users first by sending advertising messages, taps or private albums. It is completely forbidden to send mass messages.
- Behave politely with other users.
- We expect exemplary behavior from our professional profiles. Like all users you must respect the code of good conduct of the app. Check it out before proceeding.

Users who violate these rules may be removed without prior notice, and permanently blocked from the platform.

Mass messages and banners are paid services that our commercial team can provide you. Contact us from the help/contact menu if you want to receive information about it.

Take into account that in some countries there are restrictions regarding the advertising of certain professional categories. Your profile texts may not be visible to users in some countries due to these legal restrictions.