Code of good conduct

This app is a community of users where we want to maintain a friendly environment where diversity and inclusion take place. We are interested in having users who behave accordingly and who treat others in a respectful manner. We are not interested in those who discriminate against others, who sow hatred or who engage in toxic behavior.

Below you will find the rules of good conduct that we apply when moderating profiles in this app. Any breach of these rules may lead to the removal of prohibited content, expulsion without notice, and / or a permanent block in the app.

If you notice that someone violates the rules on their profile or through a private conversation, we invite you to report it from the report abuse function and we will take care of reviewing the case. When you report an abuse, we advise you to always click the box attached to the private messages you have exchanged with the user so that we can assess the situation appropriately. Attention, the abusive use of the report abuse function may also be punished.

Code of good conduct:

- Discriminatory behavior, harassment, defamation or any other abusive behavior is not allowed.
- It is not allowed to defame or spread personal information of other users.
- It is not allowed to indicate telephone numbers, emails, or addresses in public profiles.
- The sending of repeated messages (spam) is not allowed, both in private messages and in groups.
- The sending of private messages to advertise groups or welcome messages to groups is not allowed.
- It is not allowed to mention names, drug initials or drug practices in your profile. Emoticons and direct or indirect references to slam, and the tub are completely prohibited and highly punished.
- The sale or purchase of illegal products is not allowed. That includes drugs and any products regulated by law.
- Graphic material showing weapons, drugs, controversial flags, religious or political signs are not allowed. There is a complete list of disallowed content in another help topic.
- The use of false photos is not allowed, or use the photos of other users as your own.
- Any behavior such as pedophilia, child pornography, or any other that violates the law is not allowed and will be reported to the authorities in your country.
- Some content such as scat, bestiality are not allowed as they do not fall within our editorial policy.
- It is not allowed to raise your voice, disrespect, insult, harass or threaten the moderator staff of the app.
- False reports of abuse are prohibited.

We do not claim that this list is exhaustive. If you have a question, apply common sense or ask us from the help/contact menu.

If you have violated the code of good conduct of the app, that your profile has been deleted, and you want to appeal this decision, you can do so. See the help topic on appeals for more information.